What should I expect?

You should expect to be your true self, first and foremost.  A portrait session is different for everyone.  Some people are more confident than others, while in other cases, there is feeling you need to "perform". No two people are alike and the most important thing I can do, before even picking up a camera is getting to know you and what you expect. Some people know exactly what they want, while others book to discover new things about themselves, try new things and just be in the moment.  My goal is to connect with you in a way that makes you feel comfortable, that makes you feel at ease, or perhaps pushes you out of your comfort zone into an adventure or experience that makes you proud.  

You can also expect me to be sarcastic....just a heads up.

What should I wear?

I never like telling people what their style should be but I can tell you what works best for my style of work: Timeless, elegant and occasionally provocative.  Timeless means wardrobe that has stood the test of time: Dresses, blazers, button downs, even fashionable, logo free t-shirts and jeans.  Elegant means laces, silks skirts, and heels, but can also incorporate bohemian chic, or delicate fabrics.  Provocative does not always mean "sexy" - it means you can explore an adventurous side with most of the wardrobe above;  not everyone feels comfortable with modern day "boudoir" - but leaving room to be "provocative", for those inclined, leaves room for people to explore a different angle of "attractive" that has never been experienced.

Heres what seldom works with my style:  Business Casual, Active Wear, dehydration, lack of sleep, being down on yourself, tan lines, wrinkled clothes, distracting jewelry, hair ties on wrists, or having so much cat or dog hair on your clothes that its practically your wardrobe...

A quick note about Make-Up: Please don't contour and be mindful of long lash extensions. Hard, dark shading on your cheeks and other facial features actually hurts the way I approach in Black and White; Long lashes may throw distracting lines under your eyes and face.  I tell people to do your makeup as if you are going on a job interview, going on a first date, or meeting someones family.  I'm not going to tell you don't let your edgy side out - you just may not need it.

What is your Fine Art Portrait work?

Some people want more than a headshot or portrait that just documents who they are.  Some people want to be captured in a way that shows them in a new light, that stretches their boundaries and makes them art. These can be for gifts, keepsakes, or for visionary projects.  I tend to use alternative photography methods, such as vintage cameras and lenses that create optical mystery or distortion. It's a great way to take new risks and can be crafted in a way where you become a figment of the imagination, so you can display the work without being so evident. You can incorporate this into any look you'd like during a shoot!  

How do I select and use my photos?

For an hour or more session, I provide a proof gallery that has little to no retouching done. You may have "felt" 100 shots, but I may only show you a fraction of that, for those are "usable" based on lighting conditions, composition of the pose, and how many times you blink or I accidentally shoot my foot. From there, you choose your allocated photos by selecting your favorites and then I retouch them a little and give them to you for high res download.  Use them for any personal use you'd like! That includes printing them, sharing them on social media or making them your lock screen! I can even provide links to the same print vendor I use for my gallery work, so you can print right from them.  We just need to talk if you decide to use them commercially, to enter a contest, or to put them on a subscription service.

Can you photoshop that?

Sometimes.  I'm not the biggest fan of turning genuine people into plastic; the world has enough of that. With that in mind, nobody is perfect and we all have our good days and bad.  I do remove blemishes, do some eye adjustments and try to mitigate distractions like stray hairs or lint.  Beyond that, however, I'm not in the business of turning people into something they are not.

Can I have more pictures?

We can certainly talk about that.  I focus on quality, not quantity - and I take that very seriously. Sometimes less is more because photos in a larger set compete with each other, or an audience adopts a scroll through mentality; however, if you truly love your set, we can discuss a package for additional downloads.

Do you shoot color?

I do.  While I see better processing and my strength is in black and white presentation, I do provide you with three versions of each pose: Black and White, Color, and a Unique Film Simulation.

Can I bring a friend to make me feel comfortable?

Of course!  It's important however to ensure THAT PERSON makes you feel COMFORTABLE.  If you can't feel like yourself, you won't look like yourself or the person you want to portray. I always welcome pre-shoot phone calls, make time for meetings, or gladly provide references if you need.  It can be scary; I get it.  Do what works best for you.

Can we shoot on the beach, with the sun setting, with my three siblings, in matching white shirts, holding a chalkboard with a funny phrase?

Before you book, understand who you are shooting with.  I am a portrait photographer that takes honest, simple, personality driven portraits....mostly in black and white.  I want my concentration to be focused on you!  When layers of mainstream complications get piled onto your photoshoot, they distract from who you are in front of the camera.  I'll always look for a creative angle or captivating way to leverage the situation presented to us...but I will gladly refer you to other great photographers that I know if we discover I can't accomplish your vision.