Aspiring Models

I love watching people grow in their journey and helping aspiring models is one of my favorite types of work; because I get to see someone who believes in themselves take on a new journey.  I often find there are two equally important journeys in modeling: What your agent or manager wants and then what you want.  All too often I hear about an agency photographer that was a little "too vanilla" for a model or performance artist's taste.  Thats where our time together comes in....this is more about soul.  This is about your personality, your brand and your value proposition.  The images we produce will focus on your experimental, adventurous and emotional journey, all with little in the way of complex lighting, corny props and unrealistic retouching.  

Will you still look amazing without all that?  Of Course!

Will we have fun?  HELL YES!

One of the most important reasons I pick up my camera is to meet honest people and have a genuinely good time getting to know who you are. Thats when the real you will shine, will become comfortable and will be willing to try new things that can enhance your look, your portfolio, or your range of talent.  And at the end of a session, you'll be able to select images that you think will be a both a great supplement to your existing book or to keep for personal use.

Need digitals?  We can do that too!  A digital package consists of about 20 untouched, makeup free, color images against a white background. These sessions are best suited in studio.  Because of the $50 studio rental surcharge, I always make time for a second look so you have the option for more photos to include in your package.

Reach out to discuss consults, ideas and bookings!