Frank Gelormini is not your ordinary portrait photographer...

...and thats a good thing; you're not an ordinary person!  You have character, soul, and emotion - an amazing amalgam of experiences, visions and personality traits that make you captivating.  Now all we need to do is shine some light on that!

A proud introvert, who has had his own share of journeys, Frank came to learn that sometimes too much "photography" (the flashing lights, the comical props, the unrealistic storyline) takes away from connecting with the amazing person in front of the camera.  Portrait sessions should focus on you...they should put you at ease, they should make you feel beautiful and they should allow you to explore beyond the ordinary snapshot. 

Whether you are an emerging performance artist, an influencer or business professional, or even celebrating being the individual you are today, invest in showing people who you dream of being...capture that person today! 


Studio Location

White Box Studios

66 South Main Street

Ocean Grove, NJ 07756